For my “Google Reading Experience”, I decided to do more research on the idea that Google is trying to build artificial intelligence. Also the idea that if we had this search engine or artificial brain that was as smart or even smarter attached to us, we’d be much better off. In the article, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?,” Larry Page suggests that “The Ultimate search engine is something as smart as people—or smarter,”.  I thought the idea that Google was making itself into artificial intelligence and trying to become the incredibly smart thing was interesting so I chose to do my “Google Reading Experience” on this idea.

In Google, this subject did not have much new information on the subject. But it was still interesting all the different ways and perspectives you could take your search on Google. There are so many different search options and even the ways you arrange your words around in the search box can change the results you get. So for this search I decided to type in “Google Artificial Intelligence”, “Ultimate Search Engine”, “ Google as Smart as People”, “Larry Page”, and then tried them in Google Books and Google News. These are the results I got from my searches.

  1. Typed in Google Artificial Intelligence
    1. CADIE-
    2. Cadie’s Blog

-as soon as I typed in Google Art- Google Artificial Intelligence came up and was able to know exactly what I was looking for

-I didn’t think I was going to get a lot of results because this idea seemed far fetch to me, but I was surprised to see that this search came up with 1,070,000 results

  1. Typed in Ultimate Search Engine- google didn’t come up on the first page
  2. Typed in Google as Smart as people
    2. Typed in Larry Page
      2. Tried searching for them in Google News and Google Books-not a lot of results came up that seemed relevant to my search.

My answer to the question—Is Google Making Us Stupid was no. I think it is a very helpful tool that makes us smarter. It gives us more opportunity to learn more information. Google allows you to learn and gather new information in a very quick manner. Google is a convenient tool, I wouldn’t say its making us stupid but helping us save time. A lot of time could be wasted going to the library doing all the research the old fashion way. Now-a-days we can just type in the thing we are looking for and Google will give us anything out there having to deal with that subject.

From my Google Reading Experience I would agree that Google is not making us stupid. From the research I did it seems that the people that work for Google are trying to update Google as much as possible to make it seem as smart as the human brain. One change that has recently occurred on Google is the AutoFill. When you begin typing your search results that they think you are looking for, already come up. It’s like they are reading your mind, and most of the time they are right when I’m researching or just searching online. It’s kind of creepy that they know what you are looking for and it brings up the “artificial intelligence” idea. Artificial Intelligence to me means something science fiction, something sort of un-real. Though the idea that this computer program can almost read our mind could be considered artificial intelligent.